Build Operate Transfer

As part of the BOT model, Network Marvels builds an offshore facility for you and operates it for a certain predefined period. During this period, the customer has an option (but not the obligation) to take over total ownership of the offshore facility, team and resources. The key advantages of this model are:

  • Less upfront initial investment
  • Low financial risk
  • Quick start up
  • Complete IP protection

Engineers are hired and trained in collaboration with the customer. The offshore team functions as a logical extension of the client company and inculcates identical values and work culture as the client company. Engineers are well aware that within a period of time, they will become employees of the client company. All these factors result in increased retention, smooth transition and integration of teams at the time of transfer.

Network Marvels’ management team has experience and proven track record of successful BOT operation for start-up as well as public companies in USA.